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Product Design  •  Service Design  •  System Design

UI & UX Design Services

Services in Details

UI/UX Design

- Research

- Analysis

- Define & Strategy

- Wire-framing/structuring

- Concept design

- Prototyping & Testing

- Final UI design

- Screen spec, doc, assets

Product Design

- Complete design from scratch

- Functionality, Usability and Desirability

- User engagement

- Cognitive aspects

- Visual aesthetics

- Strategy and Innovation

Service Design

- Customer services

- Customer journey

- Experience design

- Process flow

- Behaviour

- Service app/website


System Design

- App/website design and associated system around it.

- Product + service + business + strategy + innovation + stakeholders + methods + behaviour + policies + etc.

Problem Solving

- Low customer satisfaction

- Difficulty in discovering product

- Complex user journey

- High mental loads

- Low conversion and sales

- Bad system thinking, etc.

User-centric design

- Deep product research

- Deep usage research

- Deep user research

- Identifying user's needs

- Prioritising parameters before making decisions


- Customer engaging strategies

- Plan product for future

- Keep your brand ready for future competition


- What are real problems in a system

- Causes of problem

- Small-small improvements can bring big changes

- Solve problem with a better solution


- Existing product study up-to system level

- Statistics, user, data and other studies based on product

- Scope  of improvements determination

- Problem identification

HTML Coding (NEW)

- Coding of web and mobile pages as perfect you see in design screens

- High accuracy of screen ui

- Mobile app in HTML

- Responsive website HTML


Branding (Basic)

- Create visual, behavioural and emotional identity

Make a brand stand-out with strategies

- Logo, colour and typography

Deliverables (for Client use)

Major Heads, Design Process

Progress over Time-span

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